Game Overview

Heroes of Ages is a fantastic sandbox strategy game featuring classic figures from Heroes Evolved. In the game, you can develop various heroes, construct your own castle with resources, and outsmart enemies in battle through strategic planning. The incredibly open world allows you to explore freely. Join hands with your allies to conquer the vast continent of Hittor.

  • Construction System

    There are mainly four types of buildings in the game: building inside castle, logistics structure, tactical structure, and building outside castle.

    Buildings can produce various resources and enhance the owner’s combat ability. The higher the territory level, the more Power points a single grid of territory can provide. Buildings acting as base for the conquest of Hittor will bring you a huge payback for every resource spent.

  • Map

    The huge map with diverse terrains makes the game more engaging. By reasonable use of these factors, you can expand territory more rapidly. Occupying territories can bring various resources which are essential for castle construction, battle formation training, alliance development and many more. More special terrains can be discovered by constant exploration in the game.

    For different territories on the map, you can conduct different operations, such as, attack, patrol, train, collect, and abandon

  • Heroes

    Heroes appear as cards in the game, which is the subject of the game’s collection, development, and combat systems. Every hero has a star rating based on rarity from 1-star (the lowest) to 5-star (the highest).

    The higher the star rating, the rarer the hero, and generally speaking the better the hero’s attributes and skills.

    In most situations, 1-star and 2-star heroes have no value for battle, but are mainly used for EXP conversion. We suggest you to dispatch at least 3-star heroes to battle.

  • Battle Formation

    When you have Barracks in the game, you can start deploying your own battle formation. Every hero has a basic unit type, like Knight, Warrior or Mage. The units restrain each other as Knight restrain Warrior, Warrior restrains Mage, and Mage restrain Knight. A wise choice of unit type can help you win the battle.

    By flexible use of unit transfer in combination of advanced unit skills, you can enhance the combat ability of your battle formation significantly when battling against specific enemies, and achieve victory.

  • Combat System

    In the game, combats are mainly related to territorial expansion, monster elimination, Boss challenge, Arena fight, and Alliance Battle.

    Combat behavior occurs once your battle formation encounters monster, enemy or defensive troop of others.

    Battle formation is the basic unit of combat. In the turn-based combat, the heroes you’ve assigned to the battle formation play the heroes and fight in turns each round according to their speed.

    After the battle, you can check stats and details in the Battle Report or enable Battle Review to learn about the whole battle.

  • Alliance

    There are abundance of benefits for creating or joining an alliance, such as production bonus, marching through your allies’ territories into distant lands, and high profit for occupying castles. When teaming up with your allies, you can also earn wonderful rewards by killing Boss and participating in Alliance Battle.

    There are also battles between alliances, with the aim to merge enemy alliance. The most efficient way to conquer an enemy alliance is to occupy the main castle of its alliance leader, drowning the whole alliance in Captured status.

    Therefore, battle between alliances is not only a confrontation of their forces, but also a competition of their strategy and a of their management and execution skills.

  • College

    When College is constructed, you can start research and upgrade your technologies.

    Technologies can improve the combat ability of your battle formation, resource production, conscription efficiency and many more.

    You need to develop the technologies continuously for a rational development and also a huge reward of resources.

    College has one Tech queue at the beginning, and can upgrade one technology at a time. You can spend Gold to expand and add up to 2 queues.


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